‘There’s a Bomb on the Plane’: Passenger Goes Absolutely Berserk During Atlanta Flight

A man was removed from a flight and taken for a mental evaluation Friday after appearing to suffer from a psychotic breakdown during an Atlanta flight.

“There’s a bomb on the plane!” the man shouted, as authorities removed him from the aircraft. “If she takes me off, I’ll blow the f**king plane up.”

A disruptive passenger was removed from an Atlanta flight Friday. (Image source: Screen grab via YouTube)

The unruly passenger was removed from the plane in Atlanta after it’s arrival from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Part of the incident was captured on video by a nearby passenger and uploaded to YouTube.

Watch video of the incident (Warning: Vulgar language used):

According to the pilot, the man had been disruptive and throwing items at other passengers, WSBTV reported.

When authorities had removed the man from the plane, the pilot apologized for the chaos passengers were forced to endure.

“Folks, it will just be a few more minutes, please remain seated,” he said over the intercom. “We’ll let you know. I appreciate everyone’s cooperation. I want to sincerely apologize to everyone on board that airplane today for that.”


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