Why a Lebanese Man Says He Feels Safer in the Middle East Than in Michigan

A couple in Dearborn, Mich. says they are afraid for their lives after hanging an American and an Israeli flag outside their home.

Terresa and Hussein Dakhlallah say their home has been repeatedly vandalized and that they’ve been openly threatened for the past two years since raising the flags, WDIV-TV reported.

“That just brought it on enormously,” Terresa Dakhlallah said, her voice shaking. “They left Nazi signs in our front yard … Two people were standing there – one with a lighter and one with a gas can – telling us they were going to burn our home down.”

Terresa and Hussein Dakhlallah claim they have been threatened and their home in Dearborn, Mich. vandalized after they displayed American and Israeli flags. (Photo: WDIV-TV)

Terresa said the most recent incident was Friday night when a group of men in an SUV shot their home and vehicle with paintball guns.

She said that when she began putting up Christmas lights around the same time, “they told me if I lit them, it would be the last thing I did.”

Terresa and Hussein Dakhlallah speak with WDIV-TV in Dearborn, Mich. (Photo: WDIV-TV)

Terresa is American but was raised in Canada, WDIV-TV reported, and Hussein is from Lebanon. Hussein Dakhlallah went so far as to say that he feels safer in his war-torn home country than in Dearborn at this point.

“I feel safe there more than here now,” he said with a shrug. “Because over there you know if they fight you gotta just run. Here you never know what’s going to happen.”

Dearborn police said they will be patrolling the area more regularly, but no arrests have been made.

Watch WDIV-TV’s report below:

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