Detroit police are hoping to curb the violence between rival east-side/west-side rappers before it escalates any further. They hope to save a life.

rapper knocked out

A video that was making its rounds last week showing a Detroit rapper and his friend knocked out on the ground after a fight went viral locally and has spurred death threats. Detroit police are now involved. (Image source: YouTube)

Video of an attack went viral locally, showing west-side Detroit rapper HBK of Doughboyz Cashout knocked out on the ground of the Cobo Center, a Detroit convention center, alongside his friend, according to WJBK-TV. The incident occurred last Wednesday, according to WWJ-TV.

Adding insult to injury of the footage of the men during the attack, east-side rapper Green Guy Webbie was later seen in a picture posted to social media wearing HBK’s gold chain.

Threats started to be made and the Detroit police became involved.

“There’s a potential for a lot of bullets to go flying, and we’re talking a large group of people here that are making threats,” Detroit Police Department Sgt. Michael Woody told WJBK.

One of these threats is a $30,000 bounty for Green Guy to be killed.

“Right now we’re just trying to save a life right here. That’s really what we’re looking at,” Woody told the news station.

Watch WJBK-TV’s report:

Woody said the police department’s Gang Intelligence Surveillance Transit Unit is talking with both, asking them to let police work out the situation. On social media, Green Guy said he doesn’t have HBK’s chain.

Woody said citizens have been calling in, worried about the death threats being made.

Watch the video that appears to have started the recent confrontation between the groups (Content warning: strong language and graphic images):

WWJ reported that no real names in the case have been released.

Similar fighting between east-side/west-side rappers in Detroit resulted in two deaths in 2004 and 2005, according to WJBK.