An ugly fight broke out Saturday between two fans as the infamous Arizona and Arizona State football rivalry, also known as the “Duel in the Desert,” heated up.

A video obtained by Deadspin, which was reportedly taken by a fan named “Michael,” shows an older man and a much younger ASU fan having what appears to be a heated back-and-forth.

As of this writing, it’s unclear what prompted the exchange between the two fans and it’s not clear what exactly was said. But we know this: It didn’t end well for the younger ASU fan.

Just see for yourself (content warning: Video contains strong language):

“That ASU bro probably thought he was in for a walk in the park when he started gettin’ wise with the old man, and then BAM, foot to the face!” Deadspin’s Tom Ley wrote. “Have a seat, youngster.”

If it’s any consolation to the fan who got a face full of shoe, ASU went on to trounce UA 58-21. So, hey, at least there’s that.

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