Pizza and hangout time with his pals were primary on Myles Thomas’ mind as the group trudged down a street earlier this week in Dinkytown, a Minneapolis neighborhood near the University of Minnesota.

Minneapolis Man Miles Thomas Fined $115 for Spitting

Miles Thomas was fined $115 for spitting. (Image source: KARE-TV)

Thomas, 21, said he was getting over an illness and did something that more than a few people in his situation do (and, yes, even when they’re not sick):

He spit.

Police caught Thomas red-handed (and probably red-faced), cited him for the misdemeanor — and gave him the really bad news. According to a city ordinance, spitting on sidewalks, buses, or public areas carries a $115 fine, KARE-TV in Minneapolis reported.

The other twin city, St. Paul, has a similar law on the books, KARE noted, adding that another ordinance warns that spitting on the floor or furnishing of a boat, canoe, building or walkway also costs offenders $115.

“I actually was shocked,” Thomas told KARE. “I was just like ‘wow.’”

“It’s a little wacky,” he added. “I mean, what can you do though? It is a law. You’re supposed to obey the laws of the land.”

Thomas noted that he’ll pay the fine and next time will remember to “bring a bag or something and spit in a bag.”

Here’s a report from KARE: