As news stations around the world honored the death of Nelson Mandela Thursday, one in Detroit made a bit of a gaffe that’s getting viral attention.

First, take a look at the less than 10-second clip from WDIV-TV and see if you can spot the mistake for yourself:

Did you catch it?

To the left of the text “Remembering Nelson Mandela” was not an image of the former South African leader who died at 95 years old, but New York Yankees player Alex Rodriguez.

alex rodriguez nelson mandela

Image source: YouTube

By the time the WDIV anchors switched to a reporter, the image was changed to the appropriate figure, but the damage was done.

“How does this happen? Seriously, how does this happen?” Timothy Burke for Deadspin wrote.

alex rodriguez_nelson Mandela

Image source: YouTube

The WDIV team was remembering Mandela’s visit to Detroit in 1990.

mandela in detroit 1990

Nelson Mandela wears Detroit Pistons gear on his visit to the Motor City in 1990. (Image source: WDIV/Facebook)

Mandela was known as a revolutionary who was imprisoned for more than two decades and went on to become president of South Africa. Rodriguez’s recent claim to fame is being suspended through the 2014 baseball season for drug violations.

“It’s an easy mistake to make,” Mark Patterson for Bleacher Report joked.