Police in Wisconsin are seeking answers after a family’s four puppies were brutally killed Saturday afternoon.

“My mom was standing right here on the sidewalk covering her mouth, crying and said there’s a puppy dead on the sidewalk,” 15-year-old Kenedi Wrezzes told KSTP.

Police Looking For Clues After Four Puppies Found Brutally Murdered in Wisconsin

Police are looking for clues after four puppies were killed in Wisconsin Saturday. (Image source: KSTP)

Three other puppies were found dead inside the family’s garage.

“We started flipping the puppies over and looking at them,” Wrezzes, who races sled dogs, reportedly said. “There was no claw marks or anything, it was just, they were smashed.”

According to KSTP, police say it appears someone broke into the garage and murdered the animals.

A total of three Alaskan Huskies and one Chow Chow were killed.

“I don’t know how somebody could do something like that,” Wrezzes reportedly said. “They’re six-week-old little, innocent puppies.”

Police have no suspects at this time, according to KSTP.

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