11-year-old Madison Root became an overnight inspiration after standing up for the value of hard work last week, and her story only continues to become more incredible.

It all began when Madison decided to sell mistletoe from her uncle’s farm at Portland’s Saturday Market to help pay for her braces. But the city quickly shut her down, saying she didn’t have a permit to sell in the area — but that she could beg instead.

Portland Mistletoe Entrepreneur Madison Root Now Employs 28 People

Madison Root describes how she was asked to leave the Portland Saturday Market unless she stopped selling mistletoe. (Photo: KATU-TV)

Madison “found a workaround called TheBlaze Marketplace,” Glenn Beck said on his television show Tuesday, describing how the girl sold thousands of orders of mistletoe in a single day.

Madison joined Beck on his television program Tuesday, saying that she and her family are now employing dozens of people in the venture.

“We’ve employed 28 great people that really do need the work,” she told him with a smile. “There’s two homeless people that just got laid off, and we’re helping them get back up on their feet.”

The employees are being paid $9 an hour, she said, because she believes that’s a “fair wage for what they’re doing.” They’ve received over 10,000 orders in total.

“And then we have payroll and everything else, our supplies, and…” the 11-year-old added.

Portland Mistletoe Entrepreneur Madison Root Now Employs 28 People

Mistletoe entrepreneur Madison Root speaks with Glenn Beck on the Glenn Beck Program Dec. 10, 2013. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

But Madison has gone far beyond paying for her braces, which was the original plan. With the leftover money, she said they’re also “paying for someone else’s braces.”

When asked what she learned from the experience, Madison confidently replied: “You just really can’t give up. I think if someone pushes you down, you just gotta get back up and fight … harder than you were fighting.”

Madison said that in the future she hopes to begin a video blog to determine what exactly “makes successful people successful.”

Beck seemed to have no doubt she could accomplish the goal, saying he can’t wait to see what the young entrepreneur does next.

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