Calls to 911 are serious business.

And when they come in the form of non-emergencies or (worse) pranks, police and other involved personnel aren’t particularly thrilled, given time wasted they could have spent attending to their crucial duties.

One of those regrettable circumstances happened to police from Streetsboro, Ohio, recently — a false-alarm call made by someone who dialed 911 from a deactivated cell phone, reported WEWS-TV in Cleveland.

Then the police got an apology note from the perp:

Ohio Child Sends Cute Apology Note to Police After Making False Alarm 911 Call

Image source: Facebook

According to police, the “someone” was a little girl who “mistakenly dialed” them.

The police department posted a photo of the note on its Facebook page on Saturday, adding a message to parents: “We appreciate the letter and thought we would take the time to tell you that cell phones, even without service or minutes, will still make calls to 911. Parents, please be aware of this, in the event you let your child play with your old phone.”