His name is Thamsanqa Jantjie — he’s the fake “sign language guy” seen by millions who watched the Nelson Mandela memorial. Jantjie’s odd on-stage antics just a few feet from President Obama were covered by virtually every news program that reported on Tuesday’s tribute to the late South African president.

And now we know (kinda) what he was saying.

Kimmel interprets what the sign language guy really said

(Source: AP)

Sign language experts have called the performance “horrible” and “really really bad,” but what did the signs coming from Jantjie really mean?

ABC’s late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel covered the story in his Wednesday night monologue. Kimmel brought out a sign language interpreter that his show has used before and asked him to translate what offended so many hearing impaired people.

Kimmel interprets what the sign language guy really said

Image: YouTube

As you might expect, Kimmel’s expert delivered some pretty funny results.

“Inside, joining in cigarette decide to prove an on and on,” was just one of the phrases:

The story of the interpreter is continuing to unfold. The Associated Press reports, Jantjie suffers from schizophrenia and may have been hallucinating during his on stage appearance.

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