What would you do to make a loved one going through cancer treatment happy? One husband thought of the most ridiculous thing he could do to bring a smile to his wife’s face — and it’s now an international project.

Bob Carey, a photographer, became the subject his own pictures wearing a big, pink tutu — and not much else.

Tutu project_Brooklyn 2003

This was one of Bob Carey’s earliest photos that spurred The Tutu Project, taken in Brooklyn, New York in 2003. (Photo credit: Bob Carey/The Tutu Project via Facebook)

According to The Los Angeles Times, Bob began posing in the ballerina outfit a decade ago when his wife, Linda, began her battle with cancer. In 2006, Linda’s cancer was ruled incurable by doctors, but to this day Linda is helping her husband further The Tutu Project, a cancer awareness campaign that has been spreading globally for the last few years.

tutu project_tempe arizona 2010

Bob puts himself in amusing positions, always with his now-iconic tutu. Here he lays in a Tempe, Ariz., parking lot in 2010. (Photo credit: Bob Carey/The Tutu Project via Facebook)

tutu project_new jersey 2013performing arts center

Center stage at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in 2013. (Photo credit: Bob Carey/The Tutu Project via Facebook)

tutu project_ washington dc 2012

It seems wherever Bob Carey travels, he dons his pink tutu to make not only his wife laugh but countless other cancer patients who follow his project. (Photo credit: Bob Carey/The Tutu Project via Facebook)

The Carey’s story and Bob’s photographs are so captivating that they’ve seen viral waves of popularity for years — and this resurgence of attention is no different. The couple was recently in Germany for a feature by Deutsche Telekom.

“Who would have thought people would care about a pink tutu?” Lina told the German company.

Watch Deutsche Telekom’s touching feature:

With the tutu project gaining traction and the Carey’s compiling Bob’s self-portraits into a book, they established The Carey Foundation in 2012, a nonprofit to help raise money for the expenses not covered by insurance that cancer patients often face.

According to the couple’s website, these expenses include transportation to appointments, wigs, childcare and more. To distribute money raised through the proceeds from their book “Ballerina,” The Carey Foundation partnered with the national nonprofit CancerCare.

tutu project_arizona cardinals_oct 2012

At an Arizona Cardinals game in 2012. (Photo credit: Bob Carey/The Tutu Project via Facebook)

As their story has spread and Bob’s photos have made more than just his wife laugh, Linda told The Huffington Post in a feature in February that it’s “no longer about Bob and I but all those who have been touched by cancer.”

Watch the making of one of Bob’s photos:

Learn more about The Tutu Project on its website or check out more images from “Ballerina” on Facebook. The Tutu Project also has a 2014 calendar.