Editor’s Note: This article contains sexually explicit content that may not be appropriate for all readers.

An 86-year-old Illinois man died Thursday, just hours after he was slated to receive a night full of passionate sex as a prize for winning a radio host’s Oct. contest.

Johnny Orris, who was the winner of Howard Stern’s “get my grandpa laid” contest, died before he could participate in the “Super Bowl of sex” after choking on a piece of steak, according to the New York Daily News.

86 Year Old Man Dies Hours Before Receiving Howard Sterns Super Bowl of Sex Prize

86-year-old Johnny Orris died just before he was slated to engage in a night of sex with prostitutes as a prize he won in a radio contest. (Image source: HowardStern.com)

Orris had previously said he was anticipating the “greatest day of my life” and was anxiously looking forward to visiting Nevada’s infamous “Bunny Ranch.”

“He was on cloud nine, and anxious to get back to the Bunny Ranch,” the man’s 49-year-old grandson reportedly said. “He told one of the girls, ‘I’m gonna be back here at 9 o’clock — you’d better be ready!’”

The 86-year-old man, who was living alone after his wife died over a decade ago, was counting down the days until he could claim his XXX prize.

“He was ecstatic,” his grandson reportedly said. “He’d been that way ever since our trip to the Stern show.”

86 Year Old Man Dies Hours Before Receiving Howard Sterns Super Bowl of Sex Prize

Howard Stern had sponsored a “get my grandpa laid” contest in Oct. (Image source: Howard Stern.com)

The man even reportedly exchanged emails with one of the call girls in what the Daily News described as “a bit of cyber-foreplay.”

“This went back the last month, month-and-a-half,” Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof reportedly said. “He was excited to be with Caressa, and she was excited to be with him.”

“The bunnies loved him,” he reportedly added.

According to TMZ, Hof let Orris’ grandson use his grandpa’s sex coupon.

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