A narcotics investigation concluded in Texas last night — and it ended with an absolutely gruesome discovery.

Sante Fe police arrested Brian Anthony Cheek, 39, and Veronica Lynn Springer, 38 on narcotics possession charges, according to KTRK.

But while authorities searched the home — reportedly finding crystal meth and thousands of dollars in stolen valuables — they stumbled on a horrifying case of animal abuse.

Narcotics Investigation Ends With Two Arrests & Absolutely Horrifying, Gut Wrenching Animal Abuse Discovery

Brian Anthony Cheek, 39, and Veronica Lynn Springer, 38, were arrested for drug related and animal abuse charges. (Image source: Santa Fe Police Department via KTRK)

According to KTRK, investigators found 20 dead cats, ranging from kittens to adults, that appeared to have been tortured and killed.

Police said there was evidence of strangulation, burning, blunt force trauma and disemboweling, KTRK reported.

The animal remains were later collected by animal cruelty investigators who were called to the scene.

Both Cheek and Springer now face drug related charges, in addition to felony charges related to animal abuse, according to KTRK. Cheek is additionally accused of manufacturing and distributing illicit drugs.

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