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During Christmas season, most of the emails we receive at The Marketplace involve order inquiries or questions about our products. But every once in a while, we’ll get something that makes us step back and say, “Wow, our shop owners are truly extraordinary.”  That is what we want to share with you today.

Last week, we received the following email from a customer who was looking to thank Glenn Beck for talking about PF Pillows on the air:

Hey Glenn…

In The Marketplace: Three Shining Examples of Giving

Paulette Fellows, owner of PF Pillows

After you talked about PF Pillows on the radio I checked it out on The Marketplace. My story about Paulette from PF Pillows is this. I am single and was diagnosed with bad spinal stenosis. In 2012, I lost my business, lost my vehicle and had no insurance. I am currently barely surviving on disability. I emailed Paulette and asked if it was possible to arrange a flex pay for one of her pillows and explained my current income situation and my stupid stenosis :) yet felt her pillow would benefit me.

Glenn, “she” emailed me the next day (today) and can you believe she is sending me one free of charge as a gift from her and her team??!! Please mention her kindness to others. She is a precious blessing!! I am telling everyone about her pillows and The Marketplace!!I love you all so much and wish you and your family a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


Kim S.

After receiving this email, we immediately thanked Paulette for her act of generosity, but we realize that’s just the kind of person she is – and she runs her business the very same way.

Later that day, we received the following tweet:

Just got sweet handwritten thank you for my order from The Charleston Soap Chef via @. That's how you make raving fans!
In The Marketplace: Three Shining Examples of Giving
Mistie Thompson

The Charleston Soap Chef is a shop in The Marketplace that puts a personal touch on everything they produce.

In The Marketplace: Three Shining Examples of Giving

Jeanine Gantt, owner of The Charleston Soap Chef

Owned by Jeanine Gantt, she talks about her customers with fondness.

“My customers are like my family,” she says. We’re so proud to feature extraordinary entrepreneurs like Jeanine at The Marketplace.

Our third heartwarming customer story comes from Madison Root, the 11-year-old who sold thousands of orders of mistletoe with The Marketplace recently.

In The Marketplace: Three Shining Examples of Giving

Madison Root, owner of Madison’s Mistletoe

This famed mistletoe entrepreneur included a handwritten note with each bag of hand-cut mistletoe orders she fulfilled.

In The Marketplace: Three Shining Examples of Giving

Handwritten note from Madison Root

We’re pleased to be able to work with such incredible people and hope you will continue to show them your support throughout the holidays.

In the spirit of supporting these fine small business men and women in The Marketplace, we’re happy to introduce The Marketplace Gift Card, now available.

In The Marketplace: Three Shining Examples of Giving

Note: Today, Dec. 16 is the last day to order most products in The Marketplace for guaranteed delivery before Christmas.

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