‘Hysterical and Terrifying’: Glenn Beck on Why a Simple Health Care-Related Robo-Call Has Resounding Implications

What does it mean when a suspected robot, doggedly claiming to be a real woman, calls in an effort to enroll you in a health insurance plan?

According to Glenn Beck, the development is “both hysterical and terrifying at the same time,” and yet another sign that we are approaching “the singularity,” a time when “you won’t know the difference between reality and virtual reality.”

Beck was referring to a story broken by Time’s Washington bureau chief Michael Scherer, who was called by what he concluded was “definitely a robot” wanting to discuss his health insurance status. Scherer and a number of his colleagues even called back and made recordings of the conversation to be sure.

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program Dec. 17, 2013. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Beck said the most disturbing element of the story is that the technology appears to have been “programmed to lie” to customers. Rather than admit it is a robo-call or give a boilerplate “main menu” answer to unexpected inquiries, it emits a laughing sound and says things like, “there is a live person here.”

Beck remarked: “You’re calling for … Obamacare and you’re pushed into this. So why won’t you tell me you’re a robot?”

Beck noted that he has repeatedly said that in the coming years, people will not be able to trust their own senses. Technology will have evolved so greatly that a photograph will no longer be proof of an event, and it seems that it may be increasingly difficult to tell the difference between a robot and a human as well.

“If I edited out all of the response time, you would have a really hard time telling that this wasn’t a real person,” Beck said of the audio recorded by the Time reporters.

“Give this two years … maybe not even two years,” Beck said, and the technology will be perfected.

Watch the entire segment below:

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