A Massachusetts thief with a guilty conscience on Monday returned a credit card and the $200 gift card he had purchased with it to the rightful owner, police said.

According to Wicked Local, Hingham police said a woman had lost her American Express credit card while shopping earlier that morning.

Later that day, the woman’s son greeted a man at the front door.

Thief Has a Change of Heart, Returns Credit Card to Rightful Owner

A thief ridden with guilt returned an American Express credit card and a gift card he had purchased with it to its rightful owner. (Image source: Shutterstock)

Police said the man claimed to the child he was unemployed and planned to use the gift card to purchase Christmas gifts, but felt too guilty and had come to return the items to their rightful owner.

Authorities said the man likely used Google to locate the woman’s home address, according to Wicked Local.

It was not clear from Wicked Local’s report if the unidentified man was nabbed by police.


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