The list of things people should never do in full public view is quite long.

Viral Video Depicts Cop Warning Men About Washing a Car in a Driveway in Full Public View

Police officer recoded on video telling a couple of guys who were allegedly washing a car in what they claim is a private driveway that they’re itchin’ for a ticket. (Image source: YouTube raw video)

But if you live in Garden City, N.Y., you can add to it washing a car, even on a private driveway, according to WCBS-TV in New York City.

A video making its viral mark depicts a colorful exchange reportedly between a Garden City police officer and a couple of guys standing in what they say is a private residential driveway.

The cop tells the pair that a neighbor has complained that they were washing a car in full public view, which is against village ordinance, the cop said. Garden City is on Long Island.

At one point the officer is heard saying, “This is a battle you don’t want to start with us, I’m telling you now.” As well as, “You don’t want us being upset with you.”

No ticket was issued during the videotaped exchange; Garden City police had no comment, WCBS reported.

Check out all the local-ordinance fireworks in video below: