Conservatives up in arms over the suspension of “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson can’t have it both ways, said left-leaning analyst Juan Williams on “Fox News Sunday.”

In other words, Williams noted, since the right wanted the likes of MSNBC host Martin Bashir fired for comments against conservatives and/or religious people, they therefore shouldn’t complain now that the shoe is on the other foot.

Juan Williams: Conservatives Upset Over Duck Dynasty Flap Cant Have It Both Ways

Image source: Fox News via YouTube

“Remember Dixie Chicks, or Tim Robbins, or Bill Maher?” Williams reminded the panel regarding other figures whom conservative culture has taken issue with. “The right says get them out of here…but then they want to cry foul when people are intolerant of them.”

Williams added that conservative outrage over the “Duck Dynasty” flap is deeply political and not a first-amendment issue; in fact, to them “this is a potential wedge issue, especially with older, white, evangelical voters.”

“This is not about honest debate,” Williams declared. “What was said actually shuts down debate because…it was ugly language about homosexual acts and it invites bigotry. It invites people to hate people who are gay…and this is amazing, because it is not in the Christian tradition to make judgments about them and to put them in a box.”

Here’s the clip. (The whole thing is interesting, but if you only want Williams’ comments they start just after the 4:30 mark):

(H/T: Mediaite)