A Michigan woman who robbed a bank this past summer was so “amateurish” about it that the bank teller actually had to ask her if she was robbing them. And now she’s learned her fate.

Dee Ann Sanders

Dee Ann Sanders was turned in by her own son after he recognized her in surveillance photos released by authorities of a bank robbery suspect. (Image source: The Grand Rapids Press)

Dee Ann Sanders of Martin, Mich., stepped into a Bank of America on June 18 and handed the teller a note.

It read: “I need $2,500 for my bills + grandkids. Keep hands on counter. Sorry + thank you,” according to her attorney Richard Stroba.

“Her efforts were so amateurish and bungled … that the teller had to inquire as to whether Ms. Sanders was actually committing a robbery,” Stroba said, according to The Grand Rapids Press.

The Press reported that $1,092 was stolen from the bank, $300 of which Sanders used to pay her son for rent. She then purchased crack cocaine before her own son called the authorities after recognizing her from surveillance photos that were provided to the media.

Police recovered $745 of the stolen cash, according to the Press.

Sanders was sentenced this week to three and a half years in federal prison for the robbery.

Sanders’ attorney said given that she was honest about the crime when confronted and acknowledged she was “too old for this behavior,” he doesn’t think she will offend again.