For some, eating healthy is not the most appetizing of endeavors. But an Indianapolis woman has even more reason to turn her nose up at some healthy choices after a recent incident involving a Kashi bar and an unwelcome form of protein.

“‘Eating healthy is so nasty.’ I had closed my eyes and said that,” Denise Stone recalled as she bit into the notoriously healthy brand of snack bars, according to WISH-TV.

Stone had purchased the Kashi bar at a Big Lots while out shopping as she tried to stick with making good choices.

When she opened her eyes after taking this bite though, she found that she had a mouthful of maggots.

Denise Stone Kashi Maggot

Denise Stone at first thought eating healthy tasted gross, then she opened her eyes and saw what she had just bitten into. (Image source: WISH-TV)

“Then I just looked at the pack and I just seen maggots, and I just started spitting. I just had them everywhere. I was screaming,” Stone told the news station. “I had maggots all in my mouth.”

As it turned out, the expiration date on the protein bar had passed several months prior, but it’s unclear how the maggots got into the sealed package.

Alerting the store manager in distress, WISH reported that Stone was offered a refund totaling the 85 cents she paid for the bar.

“I said, ‘Refund!’ I just said I had maggots all in my mouth from your protein bar!” she told WISH.

Denise Stone

Stone still has the maggot-filled bar and she looked upon it with disbelief and distress. (Image source: WISH-TV)

Stone didn’t take the refund, and she still has the uneaten portion of the bar — maggots and all.

“Look at that sucker. Did you see that?” Stone whispered as the local news station filmed the squirming creatures.

Denise Stone Kashi Maggot

Stone is not planning to take legal action. (Image source: WISH-TV)

Watch the footage, which is not for those with weak stomachs:

Although she has no plans for legal action, Stone does have an amendment to Kashi’s slogan.

“It’s ‘seven whole grains on a mission’…with their friends too,” Stone told WISH.