Heartbreaking images captured on video show a loyal dog lie in the street and refuse to leave a canine companion that had been fatally struck by a car.

According to Sky News, the touching scene took place in China after the first dog was hit by a car on Dec. 22. Temperatures fell to -13C, but the dog remained by his friend.

Heartbreaking Scene: Images Show Loyal Dog Refuse to Leave Dead Canine Companions Side

A loyal dog refuses to leave a canine companion that was fatally struck by a car. (Image source: Screen grab via Sky News)

Individuals in the area even put a bar stool in the middle of the road to protect the faithful canine from also being struck by a car.

“It is our stool. A kind-hearted woman put it next to the dogs to protect them from being hit again by another car,” a woman identified as Ma Hongyan told Sky News.

Others took pictures which are now being widely circulated on the Internet.

“The dog has been here for his friend all night.”

“The dog has been here for his friend all night,” an unidentified witness added to Sky News.

Eventually, the deceased dog was moved by an individual to the side of the road.

However, Sky News reported that “even then, the sandy dog refused to let go” and was “trotting with his tail held high” as he “stuck close to his pal.”

The dog was reportedly eventually buried in a local park.

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