CNN “Reliable Sources” host wondered on Sunday whether the media “overreacted” to the Boston bombing, citing what he said was a “relatively low number of deaths and injuries.”

“I wonder if the press, overall, in retrospect, overreacted to the attacks in Boston,” Brian Stelter said. “It was a very scary week. I was scared, along with the rest of the country.”

“In retrospect, I wonder if there was an overreaction in the press, considering the relatively low number of deaths and injuries, whether it was taken out of proportion, given all the other violence we see all the time,” he continued. “Because the word ‘terrorism’ was applied, I think there may have been an overreaction.”

“…I think there may have been an overreaction.”

The comments were made during a discussion over the media’s coverage of the terror act on “CNN Newsroom,” where Stelter also skewered Glenn Beck’s coverage of the attacks.

April’s Boston Marathon bombings killed three people and injured hundreds with explosives made from pressure cookers.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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