State Bill Would Require Both Parents Be Notified Before a Minor Can Have an Abortion

An abortion bill introduced by a state representative in Missouri Friday would require both parents to be notified before a doctor is permitted to perform an abortion on a child.

H.B. 1192, introduced by Rep. Rocky Miller (R), “requires both custodial parents or the guardian of a minor to be notified prior to the performance of an abortion on their minor child.”

Current law only requires the consent of one parent or a judge for minors 17 years or younger. An existing statute also mandates that a parent or guardian accompany the minor on the day they receive the abortion.

Missouri Rep. Rocky Miller (R) has introduced new pro-life legislation requiring both parents to be notified before their minor child is allowed to have an abortion. (Image source:

Miller says, however, that his law would not place any restrictions on the controversial procedure.

“[This bill] does not restrict anything,” he told the Lake Expo. “It just makes sure the right people are informed of the welfare of their children.”

[sharequote align=”center”]“[This bill] does not restrict anything.”[/sharequote]

According to the pro-life politician, eight years ago he played a role in convincing his daughter not to have an abortion after he learned she was pregnant. At the time he was divorced with joint custody, but his daughter could have aborted the child with only her mother’s consent.

Miller, who thinks that is wrong, is not sure if his bill will ever morph into law, but is ready for a fight.

“I have found it very hard to determine how his office will react to legislation,” he reportedly said.

According to the Lake Expo, the bill will “almost assuredly face challenges,” but if “nearby states are any indication, pro-life bills in Missouri stand a good chance of becoming law.”

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