A new video uploaded to the Internet Monday appears to show boiling water freeze almost instantly as it is tossed in midair on a subzero morning in Minnesota.

According to YouTube user Andrew Krueger, who uploaded the video, the footage was taken Monday morning near Duluth, where temperatures sunk to nearly 20 degrees below zero.

And, while the video is titled “Boiling Water Freezes in Midair on Subzero Morning,” Krueger notes that “not all of the water froze.” Nonetheless, it appears a lot of it did immediately vaporize midair.

“Boiling Water Freezes in Midair on Subzero Morning.”

Last year, a similar video titled “Instant Vapor” went viral on the Internet, achieving over 1-million views.

According to AccuWeather, “boiling water thrown into the air quickly freezes into tiny ice crystals” and “hot water can freeze faster than cold water thanks to the ‘Mpemba effect.’”

A University of California scientist theorized that this happens because a “lack of dissolved gas may change the ability of the water to conduct heat, or change the amount of heat needed to freeze a unit mass of water.”

Watch the video:

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