Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer spoke with TheBlaze’s Will Cain in a gut-wrenching interview about how he fought his way into an ambushed Afghan ravine five times in 2009, defying orders but saving dozens of lives.

“Bodies were everywhere,” the retired U.S. Marine said. “It was just — you know, you always try to picture the worst in your head, and it was just – it was the worst you could ever imagine, and then it was worse than that.”

The interview aired in a ‘Real News From TheBlaze’ special report Monday.

Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer Speaks With Will Cain About Ambush in Afghanistan

Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer shares his story in an episode of ‘Real News’ aired Dec. 30, 2013. (Photo via TheBlaze TV)

Meyer described how he didn’t think he was going to die — he “knew” he was. He recalled one time when, gunfire seeming to fly from every window, a man trapped him and began choking him. But Meyer managed to grab hold of a rock and bludgeon the man.

“I’ll never forget the first time I hit him, the look in his eyes,” Meyer said. “I mean you’re looking at a man face to face who’s fighting for his country and what he believes in just as much as you are. But it’s got to be one of you.”

But Meyer said he doesn’t regret killing his enemies. When asked how many people he saved, Meyer told Cain: “Not enough. Not enough.”

“Everybody asks, you know, ‘How many guys did you get out?’ Or, ‘How many guys did you kill?’ I didn’t kill enough, and I didn’t save enough,” Meyer said simply. “If I had saved enough, everybody would still be living, and if I’d killed enough, the war would be over.”

Watch more from the interview, below:

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