Support for the war in Afghanistan has dropped to an all time low, possibly rendering it the most unpopular war ever in American history, according to a new CNN survey.

The poll released Monday found that 82 percent of the American public opposes the war, with only 17 percent firmly standing behind it.

The disapproval number is significantly up from four years ago, when only 46 percent of individuals asked opposed the war.

The War in Afghanistan Might be the Most Unpopular War in U.S. History

Two US soldiers walk at the site of a suicide attack On the Kabul Jalalabad road, in Kabul on December 27, 2013. A Taliban suicide attacker detonated an explosives-packed car next to a NATO military convoy in Kabul, killing three NATO personnel and injuring at least four civilian passers-by, officials said. The blast in the Afghan capital left the twisted remains of the attacker’s car spread across the scene along with several other badly-damaged vehicles, including a NATO sports utility vehicle, witnesses said. (AFP/Noorullah Shirzada)

“Those numbers show the war in Afghanistan with far less support than other conflicts,” CNN Polling Director Keating Holland said. “Opposition to the Iraq war never got higher than 69% in CNN polling while U.S. troops were in that country, and while the Vietnam War was in progress, no more than six in 10 ever told Gallup’s interviewers that war was a mistake.”

“Those numbers show the war in Afghanistan with far less support than other conflicts.”

According to the poll, 57 percent of people think the conflict is not going well for the U.S. and only a third think America is winning.

“Independents have a much gloomier view of the war in Afghanistan than Republicans or Democrats,” Holland said. “That may be because a Republican president started the war and a Democratic president has continued it, so there may be some residual support among people who identify with either party.”

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