Wife Opening iPod Box Christmas Morning Finds Unwelcome Surprise…but What Happened Upon Its Return Was Even More Unexpected

A California woman opening up what she thought was a new iPod on Christmas morning was surprised and dismayed to find nothing but school supplies — pink erasers and index cards — inside the box instead.

ipod erasers
Imagine the surprise of Jim Nevarde and his wife when she opened her new iPod box and found school supplies instead. (Image source: KBET-TV)

Similar to the iPad Mini purchased by a Florida man at a Walmart that turned out to be a couple of books instead, the iPod purchased by Jim Nevarde for his wife at a Mira Mesa, Calif., Target store was swapped and fraudulently returned.

It’s thought that a person purchased the device from Target, removed the iPod, inserted the school supplies, then shrink-wrapped the box and returned it to the store for a refund as if the product were intact.

Now, KBET-TV reported, Nevarde had to hope someone at Target would believe his story when he tried to return school supplies in place of the nearly $300 iPod Classic.

“If we had a video camera on it when the outer-wrapping was undone, OK, we have a story but how does anyone know we didn’t put the erasers in there,” Nevarde told the news station.

Thankfully, the Target employees were understanding of his plight and provided him with another iPod. But Nevarde wasn’t about to leave the store without checking the goods first.

Target believed Nevarde’s story and gave him another iPod, but it was found to be erasers instead again. The third time was a charm for Nevarde who finally took home a black iPod for his wife. (Image source: KBET-TV)

According to KBET, the Target employee opened the box and found … you guessed it.

“Sure enough, it’s full of erasers,” Nevarde said. “Different color erasers but it’s full of erasers again.”

To Nevarde, this was justification.

“… now I knew they have to believe me,” he told KBET.

Watch KBET-TV’s report:

In a statement, Target told the news station it is “looking into this incident and [has] no additional information to share.”

This incident, which is not unique to Target stores, comes upon the heels of Target announcing it had a data breach, compromising customers’ financial data during the holiday shopping season.

(H/T: Huffington Post)