A Texas mom says she quickly ran into an apartment complex to pick up one of her children. But when she returned her car where she had left her sleeping 4-year-old, it was gone.

It had been towed.

According to KHOU-TV, Brandy Taylor immediately called 911.

“Some wrecker truck people came and towed my car with my little girl in the back seat, and I was trying to get my other baby and they left with it,” Taylor told the news station.

tow truck tows child

The tow truck driver said he didn’t see the sleeping child in the back. (Image source: KHOU-TV)

Police found the tow company had taken the car with the sleeping girl a few miles away from the Harris County apartment complex. When questioned, the tow truck driver said he had taken pictures of the car in the complex parking lot, but he didn’t look inside.

The apartment complex has signs warning about restricted parking and the potential for towing posted, but the mother felt she would be safe parking for the few minutes it would take for her to pick up her second child.

tow signs

Image source: KHOU-TV

The 4-year-old that was towed along with the car ended up sleeping through the whole thing and was not harmed.