Editor’s note: This story contains strong language and may not appropriate for all readers.

As it’s been demonstrated time and time again, things can quickly go horribly wrong on live television. Add large amounts of alcohol on New Year’s Eve and the odds of something going wrong increase significantly.

During Fox News’ “All-American New Year” special, two apparently intoxicated women were invited to address the nation by host Phil Keating, who was doing a live shot from his base in Miami.

Two Drunk Women Curse on Live TV During Fox News New Years Eve Coverage

(Fox News)

“We’ve got five minutes ’till 2014 and we’re gonna f*** s*** up!” one of the women screams, stunning the host.

“Woah! You’ve got to watch your language. This is a family show,” he replied. “That’s a little bit of the adventure of live television, everybody.”

Watch the clip below (WARNING: Strong language):