After a nasty hit-and-run crash on New Year’s Day, witnesses sprang into action when they noticed crash victims — including a 5-month-old boy — were trapped in the vehicle that was struck.

Witnesses of Houston Hit and Run Crash Use Crowbar to Help Rescue Victims in Flipped Vehicle

Image source: KHOU-TV

Video of the crash scene from KHOU-TV in Houston showed at least one person used a crowbar to create an opening on the vehicle laying on its right side just as an emergency worker arrived.

Here’s what the Houston Police Department told TheBlaze:

  • The victims — a 35-year-old male, a 33-year-old female and the infant — were in a white Ford Explorer; it’s unknown if they are a family or related.
  • The driver of the white Ford Explorer attempted to stop at an intersection after noticing a black GMC Sierra pickup was about to run a red light about 7 p.m. The black pickup hit the white Explorer, which flipped on its side.
  • There’s no description of the driver of the black pickup, who fled on foot and is still on the loose.
  • The victims of the crash didn’t appear to be hurt.

Here’s a report from KHOU: