Editor’s note: This story contains a graphic photo and will be disturbing to some readers.

A battered Kentucky woman recently uploaded a terrifying, bloody “selfie” on Facebook as a last-ditch effort to get help after her husband viciously pistol whipped her and ripped the phone out of the wall so she couldn’t dial 911. Police say the Facebook post may have saved her life.

Susann Stacy told police that her husband, Donnie, became enraged after he heard her on the phone with another man, WKYT-TV reports. He proceeded to beat her with his handgun before ripping the landline out of the wall. Stacy had no cellphone service either, leaving her with no way to call the police.

However, she did have WiFi Internet, allowing her to access Facebook. She posted a photo of her bloodied face with a short, desperate message: “Help please anyone.”

Woman Posts Bloody Selfie on Facebook After Husband Beats Her Brutally


Police were quickly notified to the terrifying Facebook post and responded.

Leslie County Sheriff’s Deputy Sam Mullins said Stacy had “several lacerations to the head.” Her husband had left the house by the time officers arrived, but deputies soon tracked him down and arrested him.

“They appeared to be bad but we really couldn’t tell at the time, due to her hair was matted to her, and the blood,” he said.

Officers also recovered the handgun used in the assault — near the tire swing that the couple’s son uses.

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