While some might consider screening calls based on phone numbers rude, in this case, it could save your phone bill.

Authorities are warning people to avoid picking up a call from a 473 area code number. The area code is international for Grenada. KSL-TV specifically reported the offending number as 473-520-9734 from someone who seems to be in distress.

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Those who call the number back are charged each minute they’re on the line. Costs can add up in the thousands of dollars.

A Verizon community forum has several customers posting complaints about the calls and including suggestions to block it:

blibblab: This is an international area code, St. George in Grenada, and it rings one or two times before hanging up. If you answer or if you call back, it’s a recording of people moaning (reason why, unknown). I’ve received these calls all morning today and Christmas Eve night. Can Verizon please do something about this? Is there a way to block all calls from an area code (doubt I’d ever need to receive a call from Grenada)?


padamssm: I also received this call but didn’t answer. I’ve now blocked it at Verizon Wireless: https://wbillpay.verizonwireless.com/vzw/secure/messageIntercept/messageInterceptHome.action#. It’s in the Manage Family Safeguards & Controls -> Call & Message Blocking section.

Watch KSL’s report about the scam:

KSL pointed out that the scam isn’t new, but it seems to be surging again. Verizon has provided information and tips for a similar scam with the 809 area code.

“If it’s someone who wants to talk to you or get information to you, they’re going to leave a voicemail,” Sgt. John Arnold with the Sandy Police Department in Salt Lake County Utah said, according to KSTU-TV.

He suggested that if you don’t recognize a caller to “let those numbers go to voicemail.”

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