On New Year’s Eve, Georgie McKee woke up, looked in the mirror, and saw her massive black eye, bruises and scratches on her body, and called one of her best friends for help.

Brual Attack on 86 Year Old Mississippi Woman Leaves Her with Black Eye, Missing Car

Image source: WMC-TV

She dialed Rawley Cain, a member of a gospel bluegrass band Delta Blue of which McKee, 86, has been a fan and friend for more than a decade. She even schedules their shows.

Brual Attack on 86 Year Old Mississippi Woman Leaves Her with Black Eye, Missing Car

Rawley Cain (Image source: WMC–TV)

What Cain found when he first saw “Ms. Georgia” after she was attacked still “breaks my heart, it really does,” he told WMC-TV in Memphis, fighting back tears.

Ms. Georgia’s doors were unlocked and her car was gone. But it was much worse inside the Southaven, Miss. residence, about 20 minutes south of Memphis, Tenn.

“There was blood on cabinets and counter tops, on the floor,” Cain told the outlet.

“They tried to cut her throat,” Cain added, motioning with his finger where he said he saw the blood on the neck of Ms. Georgia who “weighs about 75, 80 pounds; real small person.”

Ms. Georgia had trouble recalling what happened, WMC reported, adding that Cain said he believes his friend with “a heart as big as the world” was left for dead.

“It’s a good thing I wasn’t there or didn’t catch him after the fact,” Cain said of his friend’s attacker. “And I don’t know what I would do now if I was face to face with him.”

Police are looking for a silver 2003 Chevrolet Impala with a handicap tag of E271D.

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