Joe Scarborough Reveals Why He’s Never Smoked Pot

“Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough revealed on-air Friday why he’s never smoked marijuana: It “just makes you dumb.”

“I don’t get the legalization thing,” Scarborough said. “Pot just makes you dumb.”

Scarborough said he’s “been around a lot of guys” who have used marijuana but that he’s always abstained himself.

“I’ve been around a lot of guys that smoked a lot of pot and … never once did I say, ‘Hey man, that looks like something I want to do,” Scarborough continued. “Never smoked it, because everybody that ever did just looked dumb as hell. … Why do I want a hammer and hit myself in the head and make my odds for success even longer?”

Scarborough’s comments came amid discussion about the nation’s first-ever legalized recreational marijuana industry that started in Colorado Jan. 1.

(H/T: TheBaze Blog)

Featured image via NBC