Can You Guess Why This 68-Year-Old Grandma Called 911?

When most people think of grandmothers, they think of home-cooked meals and unconditional love.

But 68-year-old Rosie Pate certainly didn’t fit that description on New Year’s Day, when according to a police affidavit, she called 911 to report a beer emergency after her granddaughter refused to buy her more of the genial beverage.

68-year-old Rosie Pate reportedly called 911 on New Year’s Day to request official assistance in getting beer. (Photo: WMC-TV)

Not only that, Pate reportedly admitted she got angry and slapped her granddaughter before requesting police assistance in getting beer.

According to the Associated Press, the Memphis resident was taken into custody Wednesday night and charged with domestic assault and making a 911 call in a non-emergency situation.

She has a court date on Friday, but records do not indicate whether she has a lawyer.

More on the story courtesy of WMC-TV:

Pate isn’t the only one to call 911 in what clearly was not an emergency situation. As a matter of fact, another Tennessee resident made news back in August for making the same request of 911 operators.

“Hey, you want to take me to the store?” 67-year-old Allen Troy Brooks from Columbia, Tenn., asked the dispatcher. “I want to go to the store to get me a beer. I’ll pay you.”

Brooks later claimed he dialed the wrong number, and was trying to reach a friend.

Perhaps someone should introduce the two.

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