Man’s Blood Alcohol Level Was So High That a Breathalyzer Couldn’t Measure It

An Iowa man was so intoxicated in the early hours of Friday morning that when he was tested by police with a breathalyzer, the machine just read “HI.”

According to the Iowa Press-Citizen, a witness called police after 28-year-old Levi Carter dropped her off at home. She alleged that Carter had been speeding and crashed into a street sign in Iowa City.

Police found Carter in his basement around 2 a.m. Friday “talking to people that were not there,” the Press-Citizen reported. Though Carter told police he only had two beers, authorities noted he had trouble standing on his own and was therefore unable to take a physical sobriety test.

levi carter
Levi Carter was charged with driving while intoxicated after his blood alcohol level registered off the charts. (Image source: KCRG-TV)

Police asked him to use a breathalyzer, which the Press-Citizen reported initially recorded a blood alcohol level of .467 but changed to reading of only “HI.” A reading of .467 is about six times the legal limit.

Watch KCRG-TV’s report about the incident and similar cases of extremely high breathalyzer readings:

Carter was charged with driving while intoxicated.

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