Palestinian Sends Israeli Prison Psychiatrist to Hospital After Biting off Part of His Nose

A Palestinian detainee bit an Israeli prison psychiatrist in the face during an examination on Sunday, severing part of the medical professional’s nose.

Illustrative photo (Image: Wikipedia)

The incident occurred at the Russian Compound detention center in Jerusalem, Israeli media reported Monday morning.

“As the jailers opened the cell door, for reasons yet unknown the Palestinian jumped on the awaiting psychiatrist and bit him on his nose,” Ynet reported.

According to the Hebrew news site Mako, prison guards quickly subdued the detainee, but not before he managed to slice “a piece of flesh” from the Israel Prison Services psychiatrist.

Paramedics with the Magen David Adom service who were called to the scene took the psychiatrist to Hadassah Medical Center where he underwent surgery to treat the severed part of his nose.

Mako reported that the doctor’s wounds are not classified as serious.

The Palestinian, who is in his 30s, was arrested several days ago for illegally entering Israel without a permit. According to Mako, he has a history of mental health issues.

Israeli media reported that the Palestinian man could face assault charges for the attack that took place shortly after he was first brought to the facility on Sunday.