‘Eat Sh**!’: Baker’s Cringe-Worthy Way of Trying to Settle a Feud With Someone Who Ordered an Engagement Cake Captured in a Picture

Emma McDonald, a New Zealand baker, has a talent for transforming confections into realistic looking works of art. But one such cake was a bit too realistic, leaving a customer upset and town officials disappointed.

Micaela Harris from Invercargill, New Zealand, unwrapped a packaged cake for her engagement party and was “disgusted” at what she saw. Harris soon learned the unsavory-themed cake was the result of a tiff between the baker and her sister who ordered it.

poo cake
The so-called “poo cake” was originally posted by Emma McDonald, Oh Cakes baker from New Zealand, on Facebook. It has since been removed but not since local medial outlets picked it up. (Image source: Emma McDonald/Facebook via The Southland Times)

The chocolate cake was fashioned to look like a pile of feces. The incident occurred on Dec. 20 and the “poo cake” story has since been going viral with the baker showing no remorse.

According to the New Zealand Herald on Sunday, the cake was ordered for Harris by her sister, who ended up having a disagreement with the “Oh Cakes” baker. The Herald reported that McDonald complained the customer was not clear in her instructions for what she wanted with the cake, she rescheduled a meeting and owed the baker money from a different order.

All of this added up to McDonald sending the “poo cake” with the message “Eat sh**” on it to Harris’ engagement party.

“Your (sic) left with a $30 voucher and you want a cake still?? ok cool – give me some ideas?? oh wait you have none apart from wanting chocolate. I have a brilliant idea for your cake!!! – so here it is, your turd cake!” McDonald wrote on Facebook, according to the Herald. “Hope you learn your lesson.”

Oh cakes creation
McDonald obviously has the skill to create beautiful looking cakes as well. This is one example. (Image soure: Oh Cakes/Facebook)

In addition to the family being upset by the surprise, local leaders feel it reflects poorly on the town as well:

[…] Invercargill mayor Tim Shadbolt said the incident was embarrassing to the city. “I think this must have been done with humor, but sometimes humor can go terribly wrong,” he said.


“People expect any business to treat its clients with respect,” he said. “The cakemaker should have stopped and taken a breath or even gone on a holiday before doing this. What on earth was she thinking?”

McDonald told the Herald on Sunday she thinks her customer “got what she deserved.” On Facebook over the weekend, she wrote “viral much? seems to be everywhere,” about the incident.

Although McDonald said cake baking is only a hobby for her, The Southland Times reported her writing on Facebook that she has received more business from the viral news.

Some of the things McDonald apparently posted on Facebook, as reported by the New Zealand newspapers, seem to have been deleted.