The ‘Knockout’ Game Could be Back & a Mother Could be the Latest Victim

The so-called “knockout game” is back and a California mother is one of the latest victims.

The unidentified woman was dropping off her daughter at a Los Gatos, Calif., dance studio Monday, according to KPIX-TV, when she was punched for no reason.

“We heard a commotion, like a thunk, and a scream,” dance instructor Mariana Sorbal told KPIX. “It was in the middle of the day. It wasn’t even dark yet, it was full of people. So, obviously they’re trying to look for attention.”

A mom was sucker punched outside of this Los Gatos, Calif., dance studio. (Image source: KPIX-TV)

The knockout game is one where people, frequently teenagers, pick a random target and hit them, trying to knock them out with one punch. Since a New Jersey news station reported on the issue in November last year, more incidents popped up in the months following as the story went viral.

Watch KPIX-TV’s report about the recent attack:

The California mother was not seriously injured and she was treated at the scene.

“It’s kind of scary, that someone thinks it’s a game to go ahead and punch people,” Sorbal said, according to KPIX.

Police said the suspect was an African American in his 20s, wearing a white T-shirt and white baseball hat.