‘Bit**’: The Disturbing Video of a Toddler’s Adult-Encouraged Tirade That Now Has Him in Protective Custody

Officials said a Nebraska toddler depicted in a video parroting profanity as well as racist and sexual language at the prompting of adults has been placed into protective custody, the New York Daily News reported Thursday.

Toddler depicted in viral “thug” video appears to raise his middle finger. (Image source: Liberty Alliance)

The diaper-clad boy is seen in the viral video pushing over a chair, displaying his middle finger, repeating a stream of curses and slurs, including b***h, f**k and the N-word, and adding disturbing language all on his own.

No crime is yet connected with the actions in the video, but police and local Child Protective Services visited the family home and found safety concerns, the Daily News said; the agency removed four children, but police haven’t released their identities, nor the names of the parents.

It all started after the Omaha Police Officers Association was tipped off about the video posted to a local gang member’s Facebook page and then reposted it on its own Facebook page. Local civil rights groups slammed the POA for reposting the video and adding comments about “thug culture” and the continuation of the “thug cycle.”

“The whole point of this is to give an unfiltered view of what police officers deal with every day,” said Sgt. John Wells, president of the Omaha Police Officers Association.

As the video went viral, drawing local and national coverage, so many people tried to view the uncensored version that it crashed the POA site, KETV said. It also drew heavy criticism of racial stereotyping.

“It’s almost like the kid was abused twice: once by the people in the video and once by the police officers association,” Willie Hamilton, executive director of Black Men United in Omaha, which promotes mentoring programs to strengthen families, the Daily News said.

But the police union kept the post active.

Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer made a distinction between his department and the police union, the Daily News reported: “I strongly disagree with any postings that may cause a divide in our community or an obstacle to police community relations,” Schmaderer said.

And a clip from KETV in Omaha:

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