Sign of the Times? 1,400+ New Yorkers Wait in Line for $17.20 an Hour Union Jobs

More than 1,400 New Yorkers waited in line Friday for a chance to snag a $17.20 an hour union job.

The line wrapped around the block as the cold job seekers braved the cold and the sleet in the hopes that they could land a spot as a painter or blaster.

Approximately 1,500 people waited in line this week for a chance to be hired on as a union laborer (image source:

Incredibly, the line didn’t begin on Friday.

“The first few people on line had been there since 1 p.m. on Tuesday when the temperature in New York City was in the single digits,” reported. “District Council 9 was accepting 500 applications at a facility on Queens Boulevard and 36th Street in Long Island City for three year apprenticeships.”

“The apprenticeship could lead to a full time union position,” the report added.

The jobs will most likely focus on bridges and steel structures.

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