Bob Woodward: Christie’s Bridgegate Is ‘Lodged in People’s Minds’ as a ‘Dirty Trick Off the Charts’

One half of the reporting team behind the Watergate coverage that brought down President Richard Nixon weighed in on the latest news item to merit yet another “gate” designation.

Image source: Fox News via YouTube

Bob Woodward of the Washington Post at first seemed taken aback by the content of the growing “bridgegate” controversy at the foot of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and his administration.

“What’s this about?” Woodward asked the panel on Fox News Sunday, noting that the universal annoyance at traffic jams would seem to deter an action that Christie’s top aides are accused of doing.

“Unthinkable, at least to me, that some politician or some political group is engineering [a traffic jam] for political purposes…I just don’t get the idea that anyone could say, ‘Let’s engineer a traffic jam.’ Fort Lee, New Jersey is in New Jersey, and this is the  governor’s office somehow saying, ‘Let’s penalize these people’?”

“I buy it,” Woodward responded when asked if he believed the action occurred. “It’s lodged in people’s minds, because they’re saying, ‘This is a dirty trick off the charts. We’d never seen one like that.'”

Here’s the clip from Fox News via YouTube:

(H/T: Mediaite)