The Sickening Thing a Father Did to a Puppy In Front of His Young Daughter

A California man was arrested late last week after authorities say the 31-year-old abused and killed a dog in front of his young daughter.

According to the Contra Costa Times, Alan Velete has been charged with felony accounts of animal cruelty and child endangerment for repeatedly abusing a 4-month-old terrier mix while his young daughter watched.

Alan Velete, abused and killed a puppy in front of his daughter, authorities say. (Image source: San Mateo County Jail via Contra Costa Times)

After the dog had died Jan. 6 from the abuse, the bay area man allegedly then threw its body in the trash bin, the Times reported.

Authorities learned of the abuse after an unidentified caller reported that Velete had been abusing the dog for about a month.

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