’49ers Pastor’ Gives 1-Minute Church Service So He Can Catch NFL Playoff Game…or Did He?

Pastor Tim Christensen is experiencing a degree of Internet fame after his 1-minute sermon before the San Francisco 49ers’ playoff game against the Carolina Panthers last week.

The video caused somewhat of a “holy uproar” after some viewers took offense to the pastor putting a football game over his job at the church. As it turns out, there is more to the story.

Watch the now infamous 1-minute sermon from the “49ers Pastor,” which has fooled many websites:

However, Christensen revealed in an interview with RightThisMinute that he actually came back and delivered his full sermon. In other words, a lot of people got really worked up over a joke.

The 49ers defeated the Panthers 23-10 on Sunday.

Listen to the pastor’s explanation in an exclusive interview with RightThisMinute: