Husband Saves Wife From Being ‘Smooshed’ by Massive Tree in a Way That He’s Not Even Sure How He Did It

Rick George doesn’t know what made him spring into action over the weekend, rolling to his side and pulling his wife toward him just before daybreak. But it’s something he’s glad he did, because seconds later a huge maple tree came crashing through their single story home in Deming, Wash.

“I don’t know what made me do it, but I did it, and I’m here. She’s here,” George told KOMO-TV, thinking it could have perhaps been divine intervention.

tree bedroom
The family is now trying to clean up the damage done by the tree falling on their home, but they think the home might have to be demolished. (Image source: KOMO-TV)

The tree that struck their home around 4:30 a.m. Saturday fell right on George’s side of the bed. His wife, Lanei Williams, told the news station George pulled her close, saving her from the roof that crashed onto her side.

“Oh, I would have been smooshed. I would have been smooshed under the roof if he didn’t grab me,” Williams told KOMO.

tree bedroom
This is the state of the couple’s bedroom after the tree fell through. (Image source: KOMO-TV)

Directly after the incident, which occurred during a wind storm, George said he waited to feel pain but none came. After realizing they were alright, the couple was briefly trapped but managed to find their way from the crushed bedroom. Amazingly, no one in the house at the time was seriously injured, though George received treatment for a head wound.

Watch KOMO-TV’s report with footage of the destroyed home:

The family, while grateful no one was hurt, now struggles with the fact that they didn’t have homeowners insurance. The home they owned outright might now have to be torn down, KOMO reported.

“I know we’ll get through somehow,” Williams said. “For now we’ll couch-surf until we figure out what’s next. And celebrate our family and life.”