‘I Think I Just Got That on Film!’: 8th Grader Nails Nearly Impossible Shot for the Win in Overtime

Wisconsin 8th grader Easton Gamoke became his team’s hero after he nailed a game-winning, three-quarters-court shot in overtime during a Winter basketball tournament on Sunday in Winona, Wis.

A parent, identified as Stephanie Simmons, was able to capture the incredible shot on video.

The two teams traded baskets late in overtime, leaving the score tied with just a few seconds left. After the inbounds pass, Gamoke had just enough time to catch the ball and heave it across the court like a football.

And he nailed it. His team, Winona Middle School, won the game.

“I think I just got that on film!” Simmons reacts excitedly as the crowd goes wild.

Watch the shot below via YouTube:

While the shot is insanely difficult, it apparently wasn’t a fluke.

In a follow-up interview with KSMP-TV, Gamoke was able to successfully recreate his shot:


(H/T: Fox13Now.com)