Members of Congress Read Their ‘Hate Mail’ With Hilarious Results

A semi-regular and very clever bit on ABC TV’s Jimmy Kimmel Show has the host asking celebs to read some of the angry and hateful messages posted about them on social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook.

The website Now This News liked the idea and recently asked a few members of Congress to read some of the angry tweets they have received. The results were nothing short of hilarious.


Among the bipartisan collection of elected officials who shared their “Hate Tweets” – From the left side of the aisle, Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, Senator Claire McCaskill, and Congressman Chris Murphy of Connecticut. Republicans were represented by Senator David Vitter and Representatives Paul Ryan and Jason Chaffetz.

Paul Ryan and Claire McCaskill’s dramatic reading skills are on display in this first montage.

Chaffetz and Schumer are featured here.

And last Friday, on her debut show on TheBlaze TV, Dana Loesch closed the episode with a dramatic reading of some of her own “hate mail.”

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Watch more elected officials reading “hate tweets” here.

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