Norwegian Bay Froze So Quickly It Caused a ‘Fishapocalypse’

With temperatures well in the negatives and a strong east wind over the weekend, the water in a bay around the island of Lovund in Norway froze quickly. So much so, a school of fish became trapped as they swam in the ice.

Ingolf Kristiansen came upon the sight Sunday while walking his dog.

Ingolf Kristiansen frozen fish
The water in the bay froze so quickly that the fish died suspended. (Photo credit: Ingolf Kristiansen/Facebook)

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” he told (translated via Google Translate). “It has not happened before here as far as I know.”

The blog Sploid described the photo taken by Kristiansen as a “fishapocalyptic image.”

Aril Slotte, a fish researcher, told that it’s likely the fish were chased into the bay area by a predator, such as a whale.

Hungry birds might have been eyeing the easy meal, but at the time, the fish remained frozen just out of their reach, reported.

See more photos of the mass of frozen fish on the public radio’s website.

(H/T:, USA Today)