Six Videos Showing Some of the Most Unconventional, Yet Innovative Ways to Pull Out a Loose Tooth

For most kids, wigging baby teeth with their tongues is sufficient enough to loosen a canine or incisor for a good finger-grip yanking. But sometimes children, parents or, ahem, big sisters employ more, shall we say, unconventional — and terrifying — approaches.

The kids put on brave faces but the fear of what’s coming as their tooth is attached by string to something that’s going to rip whatever connection it has to their mouth seeps through.

loose tooth
Don’t be fooled, he’s only half excited about what’s about to happen. He was balking at his sister tying the floss around his tooth just moments before. (Image source: YouTube)
loose tooth
In shock? Relieved? Happy he’s still alive? This is the post tooth extraction face. (Image source: YouTube)

Have a child with a stubborn loose tooth? Grab the dental floss and start brain storming with these videos.

The baseball technique:

The rocket technique:

The mini-motorcycle technique:

The remote controlled tractor technique:

The Nerf gun technique:

Then there’s the classic — but no less scary — doorknob technique:

If anything, the kids get over the initial scare factor and pain of these tooth extraction methods when they realize that they’re actually OK.

(H/T: Yahoo Sports)