Vandals Target Plymouth Rock, Spray Paint ‘LIES’ On the Historic Monument

An individual vandalized Plymouth Rock late Monday night, defacing the historic monument by spray painting “LIES” on it, state park officials said.

State park officials say Plymouth Rock was vandalized late Monday night. (Image source: Shutterstock)

Department of Conservation and Recreation spokesman Bill Hickley said a park employee washed the paint off the Massachusetts monument Tuesday morning, according to

He, however, noted that such vandalism is not terribly rare.

“This kind of thing happens two to five times a year,” he said. “It’s just the nature of where it is.”

The rock, symbolic of the Pilgrims’ arrival to the Americas, is located in an isolated area, making vandalizing it a hard task, according to park officials.

“It would be difficult to do,” Plymouth Historic District Commission spokeswoman Tracy McCarthy reportedly said.

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